The world needs your hope-filled words

now more than ever before.

hope*books combines:

  • The services of a traditional publisher

  • The support of a coaching mastermind

  • The savvy of a marketing agency

hope*books provides:

  • A stream-lined, step-by-step book publishing timeline.

  • Access to our book management system.

  • A team of designers, editors, and marketers to help you.

  • Community support with a cohort of other authors.

  • Additional support with a certified hope*writer coach.

  • And much more…


Here's what makes hope*books the perfect fit for you:

Author selection process:

Instead of working with an agent or writing a book proposal, you simply fill out a short three question application form. So whether you have a manuscript that’s almost done or you just have a basic idea of the kind of book you want to write, hope*books may be a fit for you.

Royalty model:

At hope*books, we are committed to helping our authors succeed for the long term. We offer a generous 50% net royalty on all book sales. This is an average of 3 to 4 times more than you may receive from a traditional publisher.

Publication fee:

As opposed to other hybrid publishing models which require you to buy 3,000 copies of your book, or self-publishing where you pay separately for every single service, at hope*books, we charge one simple publication fee. Other hybrid publishers charge between $12,000- $25,000 for their services. With hope*books, our publication fee is only $7,997 which covers the training, support, coaching, and services to help you write, publish, launch, and sell your book to your ideal reader.

Click the button to apply to become a

published author with hope*books.

There is a $100 nonrefundable application fee.

“Before hope*books I was trying to do all the things at once. The promise of coaching throughout the process reassured me that I would not be left to figure all of that out on my own. Ultimately it feels like a partnership between the authors and the publisher.”

Melanie Makovsky - Nov 2022 Cohort


Why should I apply to work with hope*books?

You’ve dreamed of writing and publishing a book for years, but something has held you back. You’re looking for the training, support, and community hope*books offers.

What is the timeline for the September 2023 cohort?

You'll be granted access to our private authors only group on September 21st, 2023.

Is there a payment plan?

YES. Due to popular demand, we are pleased to offer two payment plans. First, the paid in full option of $7,997 (due on or before September 15th). With this option you save 12%. Second, the split pay option of two payments of $4,497 (first one due on or before September 15th and the second payment on or before October 15th).

When does the next round of applications open?

The next cohort application deadline will likely be in January 2024.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. 

Do you publish picture books?

Not at this time.

What is the publication timeline?

Our goal is to get your book in your hands (and out to the market) as soon as possible. We will schedule your book launch date 3-4 months after final approval of your manuscript (to allow lead time for podcast interviews and influencer boxes).

What if I have another question?

Feel free to email us at We’re here to support you!

Click the button to apply to become a
published author with hope*books.

There is a $100 application fee.


Krissy Nelson

Director of hope*books

Krissy Nelson, the Director of hope*books, is a seasoned publishing industry professional with a focus on helping authors effectively share their stories. With years of experience and three published books of her own, Krissy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. She serves as a mentor, writing coach, and advocate for aspiring authors, providing invaluable guidance throughout the publishing process. As a leader in the industry, Krissy's commitment to empowering writers and her dedication to authentic storytelling make her an invaluable asset. Through hope*books, she continues to shape the literary landscape and amplify the voices of authors.

Tj Ray

Developmental Editor

Tj Ray is a developmental editor with a passion for crafting compelling narratives. He kick-started his writing journey in the realm of sports journalism, honing his writing skills and contributing to esteemed publications such as USA Today. Tj published his first novel in 2021. Tj's expertise in storytelling and keen eye for detail naturally led him to the world of developmental editing. With a sharp editorial instinct and a knack for helping authors realize the full potential of their manuscripts, Tj collaborates closely with writers, guiding them through the intricate process of refining their work and bringing their stories to life.

Abby McDonald

Developmental Editor

Abby McDonald, a developmental editor for hope*books, brings fifteen years of communications experience to the team. As a writing coach, she helps writers to clarify their message and empowers them to think beyond the book. Abby is a traditionally published author whose work has been featured on Crosswalk, (in)Courage, For Every Mom, and more. She is also a regular contributor for Proverbs 31 Ministries’ daily devotion, Encouragement for Today. Through hope*books, Abby is able to connect her passion for writing and editing with her coaching savvy in a unique, cutting edge publishing experience.

Amber Parr-Burdett

Publishing Coordinator

Your story is something incredibly special. Amber is here to be your guide on this writing journey by taking you by the hand and clearly leading you through the publishing process. She has a deep reverence for the written word and its profound capacity to convey powerful messages. Her journey has taken her through the worlds of editing, curriculum development, and quality assurance – all of which have aided in her dedication to helping authors bring their hope-filled stories to life. Beyond her professional life, her unwavering commitment to family, faith, and the world of literature fuels her passion for this work.


“My experience with hope*books has been truly rewarding. Being part of a like-minded community, I've found inspiration and valuable insights throughout the writing and publishing process.

With Hope*Books, I've found the perfect platform to transform my vision into a reality while connecting with a supportive network of authors and professionals.” - Mark

"Thanks to Hope*Books, I was able to turn my calling into a reality. Writing 100 explanations of curious scriptures while nursing a cleft baby was not easy, but Hope*Books provided the perfect opportunity to move forward and share.

As a publishing newbie, the program's assistance has been invaluable, and I've loved the transparency of the leadership team and the support of my cohort. I'm thrilled with the design of my cover, and I'm excited to share my work with the world." -Annie

“As soon as I heard about hope*books, it immediately felt like the perfect fit for my needs. And it has been! hope*books is the full package, from development to cover design to marketing. It has pushed me just enough to keep me moving forward. I love the cohort and team support.” - Dawn

Click the button to apply to become a
published author with hope*books.

There is a $100 application fee.